It’s worth doing, and these days possibly a must if you are in business and want to stay in business. That’s what good business managers do after all—find ways to save money and make efficiencies.

Thus, spending time calculating the cheapest postal method for your business could prove extremely profitable for you and not just in the long term, but the short term too.

Cheap Postal Methods for Small Businesses

Franking Machines

With the price of stamps at an all time high, it’s time to consider the benefits of using a franking machine, especially as mail is still an important means of communicating and in many instances the only way to reach your customers. If the thought of paying 60p or 50p every time you want to send a 1st or 2nd Class letter or marketing flyer to your clients leaves you trembling at your abacus then now is the time to consider franking.

Switching Classes

With a franking machine you will only pay 44p per 1st Class mailing and 31p per 2nd Class communication, that’s a saving of 16p and 19p respectively. And if you actually switched from 1st Class to 2nd Class you will be making savings of up to 29%.

Changing the size of your envelopes

Size-based pricing was introduced by Royal Mail in 2006. If you switch from C4 envelopes to C5 or DL you can enjoy a saving of 22p letter (a 41% saving).

Combine multiple mailings

Save on postage and stationery costs by combining multiple mailings to a single customer/client in one envelope.

Reclaim VAT on your mailings

This can be done on some Royal Mail VAT-rated services if you sign-up for a SMART-technology franking machine (officially endorsed by Royal Mail of course).

But that is not all. Further investigation reveals there are even more ways to save on your business postage through Royal Mail.

Discovering the Secrets of Royal Mail Discounts

Depending on the volume of your mail and size/thickness of envelope/packet, Royal Mail have a number of bulk-mail discount schemes – such as Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail – in place that can drastically reduce the size of your postal costs.

In fact you could end up only paying as little as 26.7p for every 2nd Class letter sent. You can find details here.

And for those who need Special Delivery and other even more specialised Royal Mail services can find a wide selection of generous compensation packages tied in with the actual cost of postage that can take the weight and pressure off your business logistics.


With a bit of digging around and application of some sound business thinking the small business person can save an awful lot on their postage costs…in fact more than they would have at first thought possible.

Using a franking machine though is by far the smartest move for any business person relying on the mail service. Instant savings on postage are enjoyed and if married to any of the suggestions highlighted above can help ease the strain on cash flow and budget costs virtually overnight.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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