The Ecomail franking machine designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Swiss company Frama could be just the machine for you for economic reasons, as well as environmental.

That’s because the Ecomail has been specially designed to use rechargeable ink-ribbon cassettes in tandem with its patented ComTouch touchscreen technology that makes the Ecomail arguably the easiest (and most eco-friendly) franker to use currently available on the market today.

Described by Frama itself as the “franking machine for small postal volumes” the Ecomail can actually (according to the spec sheet) handle 2000 frankings per hour, which is no mean feat by any franking standards.

Ecomail Specsheet

The main feature is the ComTouch system exclusive to Frama which “springs to life” as soon as you touch it to immediately display every function you need and guides you through the entire franking process “step by menu-guided step.”

Using the OneTouch keys you can select the required mail type and tariff with the single press of a key. Set your favourite or most-used mail types and there’s no more searching through screens of mail options you don’t use or need.

The Ecomail Stack Weigh feature also allows you to stack your envelopes on the linked scales, frank one envelope at a time, with the price automatically adjusting for weight thus preventing the application of incorrect postage values.

  • Up to 2000 franking impressions per hour
  • Letter thinkness up to 6mm
  • Choice of 2kg integrated weigh scale or stand-alone 5kg scale
  • Automatic side letter ejection
  • 9 programmable fixed values
  • Resettable and non-resettable postage value and item counters
  • Automatic date-change
  • High-value blocking
  • Up to 8 memorised company messages/greetings/slogans
  • ‘Ecofill’ environment-friendly reusable ink-ribbon cassette
  • Automatic tariff calculation

Ecomail Postage Savings

If you are considering buying or leasing a franking machine it’s because you have heard of the great savings you can make on the cost of sending out mail, as well as saving on the time spent visiting the post office.

You are also probably considering franking because the mail you send each day or week is considerable. But even if it isn’t it’s worth bearing in mind the following:

  • 1 standard letter sent 1st Class every day can save £40.32 a year on the cost of postage.
  • 1 letter sent 2nd Class every day can save you £47.88 a year
  • 5 letters sent 1st Class every day can save you £201.60 a year
  • 5 letters sent 2nd Class every day can save you £239.40 a year

If you are sending more than 20 letters a week, then the savings continue to rise and rise:

  • 100 letters sent 1st Class every week can save you an amazing £806.40 a year on postage cost
  • 100 letters send 2nd Class every week can save you an even better £957.60 a year

About Frama

Founded in Switzerland in 1970, the Frama now have subsidiary offices throughout Europe (Austria, Belgium, Germany, England, France, Netherlands, and Sweden) and South Africa too, and distribute to over 60 countries.

The UK arm of the Frama Group has been established since 1990. They operate nationwide, employ in excess of 40 staff, have a network of dedicated distributors and maintainers and have 11,000 customers.

All Frama products are entirely designed, developed and manufactured in Lauperswil, Switzerland then exported worldwide. 95% of all Frama turnover is generated outside Switzerland.

A growing force in the postal service, Frama not only manufacture franking machines and systems, they also produce electronic and manual letter openers, folding machines, and electronic postal scales, as well as stamp-vending machines, postal counter systems and self-service postal systems.

Frama is noted for three “world-firsts” – touch-screen Sensonic system 1996, fastest thermotransfer system, and fastest inkjet franking system.


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