Francotyp-Postalia Ltd was founded in 1923, but has been known simply as FP Mailing for the last 20 years. Boasting an established client base that includes businesses of all sizes from small home offices to large corporations, FP Mailing has a postage solution for all.

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Their hi-tech products and professional customer service ensures that their clients have access to the best franking machines on the market, and most importantly, that they save money with every letter posted.


Franking Machines

FP Mailing offers 4 franking machines based on volume of mail:

  • MyMail (Small volume) is a compact digital franking machine that lets you add a message and a business logo to each letter. Its integrated scale of up to 2kg saves space in a small office.
  • Optimail 35 (Small-medium volume) uses thermal printing and blue ink to make your advert and message stand out, and a large back-lit display allows easy usage. The 3kg scale deals with larger items.
  • Ultimail 65/95 (Small-medium volume) offers an integrated departmental account feature that makes accounting easier. A 5kg scale and compact design makes this machine suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Centormail 240/300 (High volume) has a vertical feeding system and can process mail of different sizes quietly and efficiently. A 3kg scale is incorporated, and the machine uses HP Invent Inkjet Technology for fast-drying printing.

Postal Scales

  • Flexiscale – with a capacity of 5kg, this space-saving and compact scale is perfect for small to medium sized businesses. A useful DX option saves time when using secure mailing.
  • Ratemail 5/10/30 – 5, 10, and 30 refer to the amount of kg capacity. International mail, recorded delivery and DX mail can all be handled using these scales.

Folder Inserters

FPi 600/2000/4500/5500 – invaluable for large mailings, these folder inserters save money and vast amounts of time. The FPi 600 is able to fold and insert 1,350 in just 1 hour.

Mailing Software

  • Mailreport – a comprehensive reporting and accounting system that records every frank used, and converts all usage into easy-to-read reports. Accounting for large companies is greatly simplified and any number of franking machines can be included.
  • Two other mailing software options offered by the company are Infoprint and Navigator Plus, which enable easy accounting for smaller businesses.
  • DX Document Exchange – ensure security and reliability of posting using DX Document Exchange, which can be accounted for using FP’s franking machines.
  • Business Mail – available from FP Mailing using their Optimail, Ultimail and Centormail machines. You receive up to 12% off postage costs, and can use blue ink to display your ads and logo.
  • Ad Designer – design adverts on your envelopes and perfect your mailings with FP’s Ad Designer facility.


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