There are two models available in the Optimail range of franking machines manufactured and supplied by Royal Mail-approved German firm Francotyp Postalia (also known as FP).

According to the company’s website, FP has always been at the forefront of innovation introducing the first automatic franking machine, the first electronic franking machine, the first digital franking machine, first inkjet machine and more recently the first multi-carrier machine to meet the new de-regulated age.

With over 250,000 customers to its name, it is easy to see why FP is a trusted firm. Add to the fact it is one of just 4 companies officially approved by Royal Mail to manufacture and distribute and service franking machines, it would be hard to see where you could go wrong if you were to choose any mailroom equipment from FP.

What is more, you also get FREE machine postage top-ups when you use an FP franker.

Optimail 25/35

The Optimail 25 is described as a low volume machine (up to 30 mail items per day), and the Optimail 35 a low/medium franker (20-100 mail items per day).

  • Shared features and functions include:
  • Auto postage value reset
  • Teleset postal loading
  • Low postage warning
  • High postage warning
  • Digital connection through FPConnect
  • Business advertising/marketing slogans/greetings (6)
  • SMS text messages (6)

The two models have many similarities, but some noticeable function variations. The guide below highlights the essential differences:

Machine Prices & Running Costs

As both models are fairly similar the overall price to lease or rent one is between £360-£720 per year £30 to £60 per month. Purchase prices start at £2,000.

However, when you factor in the savings on postage you can enjoy with franking those running costs seem quite paltry. Look at this:

30 franked letters sent per day 1st Class = £1,314.00 saved per year on postage

30 franked letters send per day 2nd Class = £1,752.00 saved per year on postage

These are genuine figures based on the new franking discounts that come into effect from March 31st, 2014.

About FP

FP – or Francotyp Postalia to be exact – was founded in Birkenwerder near Berlin 1923. The company is licensed in 84 nations worldwide, and has 16 dedicated sales franchises in the UK where it has been known simply as FP for the past 20 years.

FP runs its own Teleset data centre, as well as having a UK-based customer support HQ. You also get automated remote/online machine support which is all part of the FP package.

As FP says itself, its’ success has been built on:

“Supporting business growth and development through innovative technology and service.”

If you like the look of these franking machines but want to compare them with others, just fill out the form at the top of this page. Franking Machine Experts will help you compare prices from top companies and find the best franking machine for your business.


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