Overview of the FP PostBase Qi3, Qi4, and Qi6 Franking Machines

The FP (Francotyp-Postalia) PostBase range of franking machines will appeal to all sizes of business thanks to its slick design, easy user interface and speed variations. Each of these 3 models offers a cost-effective way to operate your mailing function, with the Qi3 being more appropriate for low mail volumes, the Qi4 for medium volumes and the Qi6 model handling large volumes of mail with ease.

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The FP brand has been one of the leading franking machine manufacturers in the UK since 1923, and offers automated remote machine support and a dedicated account manager for all customers.

Benefits of using the FP PostBase system

The PostBase range offers ‘whisper’ quiet technology that speeds your letters through its system with little noise or interruption in the office. All 3 models have a conveyor that has been patented by FP, guaranteeing smooth delivery of letters (up to 10mm thick) into and out of the machine.

Mail is franked with ease using a digital system, with no analogue line required. The sleek 4.3” touchscreen can be adjusted for optimum viewing and operates the entire franking process. This layout compares favourably with the normal push button layout of many franking machines.

Printing is clear and crisp, with a smudge-free professional finish for the advertising slogan or company logo. Three speed settings enable post to be processed quickly if workload is heavy, or at a slower speed if there is no rush.

Integrated Navigator Plus accounting software is available with all 3 models, and helps companies to keep a check on spending and postage costs.

The attractive design of these PostBase machines enhances any office, and suggests quality and class.

Features of the FP PostBase System

  • Handles small (Qi3), medium (Qi4) and large (Qi6) volumes of mail
  • Attractive, space-saving design
  • Integrated scale and label dispenser with all models
  • 5 different colour choices: red, blue, black, grey, brown
  • Quiet and unobtrusive operation
  • Sleek 4.3” touchscreen
  • 3 different speeds on all models
  • Pre-programmable postage
  • Design your company advert or message to be included on all letters
  • Electronic text messaging (SMS) facility
  • Navigator Plus accounting software integration is available
  • Separate accounts for efficient and secure departmental budgeting and control

This range of quality franking machines is suitable for small, medium and large sized businesses. Save time and money by pre-programming your most frequently used postage prices using the sleek touchscreen.

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