Geared towards medium to high volumes of mail, the FP (Francotyp-Postalia) 65/95 machines suit medium and large sized businesses that have a definite need for help with the practicalities of mailing, in addition to savings on costs.


Both machines offer a compact solution to medium and large mailing issues. The back-lit screens show information about each process, making operation straightforward without the need of a manual.

With these models, further Royal Mail discounts may be available if businesses sign up to CleanMail, which enables addresses to be read automatically by Royal Mail’s sorters.


FP Ultimail 65

  • Up to 9 adverts or slogans/company logos available to use on every letter
  • Electronic Text Messaging (SMS) facility
  • Can process up to 65 letters per minute
  • Accounts facility for easy cost reporting
  • Integrated 5kg weighing scale for accurate postage
  • Crystal clear inkjet printing
  • Pre-programmable postage settings

FP Ultimail 95

  • Processes up to 95 envelopes a minute
  • Up to 9 adverts or company logos/slogans available
  • Up to 50 accounting cost centres for easy departmental budgeting and control
  • Pre-programmable postage setting to save time on subsequent use
  • Integrated 5kg weighing scale
  • High quality inkjet printing for perfect results every time


FP Ultimail 65

Rental prices start at around £79 per month, and the machine would cost in the region of £5,000 to purchase.

FP Ultimail 95

Prices for renting this machine are around £99 per month, and to purchase would be approximately £7,500.

These prices do not include consumables such as replacement ink cartridges and labels.

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