“This heavy-duty franking machine with touch screen technology makes light work of all your mailing needs, including calculations. We explain what we mean below.”

The Frama Matrix F2 is a franking machine which likes to literally remain in the background, thanks to its quiet, methodical and efficient style of working. It’s the shy work colleague who’s never any bother but always comes up with the goods when needed.

And nothing’s too much trouble for this machine. The Matrix F2 can cope with letters up to 10mm thick, which means you don’t waste valuable time changing over to other options for non-standard items. Speed-wise, it deals with 21 items of mail a minute—not bad for an entry-level machine of this class.

Those who like branding their own mail will be impressed too as the F2 has a choice of five advertising stamps which can be designed to your own specifications, allowing you to get your company’s name or any seasonal promotions out there without having to pay extra money for marketing purposes.

Pre-select programming

A rather clever machine, the Matrix F2 calculates all Royal Mail postal rates and distances at the simple touch of a button and always finds the cheapest option so that you don’t have to. Automatic postal pricing is achieved by the ability to physically link scales to the machine. The F2 itself can cope easily with volumes of mail weighing up to a maximum of 15kg. This self-calculating function, together with a large storage facility, gives you the option to prepare and save up to 18 regular postal requirements without having to go through the hassle of consulting postal guide charts in a manual fashion every time you want to change an option.

Plug and Play ink cartridge

Change the ink cartridge in the blink of an eye, thanks to the plug and play facility. It’s so easy to install, even the office cat could do it! But its abilities aren’t simple. This machine boasts a 600 dpi resolution which creates excellent contrast and sharpness for stamping clear and easy to read messages.

Product Specifications

  • ComTouch™ (simple control panel displaying just the function you need to know)
  • 18 programmable OneTouch functions to select the most frequently used postal products and tariffs
  • High quality print mode with 600dpi
  • Processing envelopes up to 10mm thick
  • Automatic side-letter ejection
  • Direct franking of supplemental postal services such as Special Delivery and Recorded letters
  • Speed: 1250 letters per hour
  • 5 designable and selectable advertising stamps
  • 3 advertising messages saved into the system
  • 2 self-programmable additional texts (instead of an advertising stamp)
  • 2 cost centres with clear text designation (provides an improved overview and facilitates cost allocations)
  • A variety of reports (receipt printout for postage loadings, printing out of different settings, pro-forma postage invoices and postage statements)
  • Blocking of high franking amounts
  • Automatic date setting
  • Incoming mail stamp function
  • Advertising stamp without postage
  • scale interface
  • Built-in modem


This is one of the bigger boys in its class (entry level) and it might be a little pricey but the added facilities such as postal cost calculations, fast touch screen technology, the ability to frank incoming mail and creating your own additional branding solutions, more than make up for the cost.

As we’ve mentioned, it’s not a machine to announce its presence, such is its quiet way of working. However, visitors may notice it anyhow as it is rather sleek and stunning looking, not to mention high-tech and modern. But then Frama have always been known for their innovative quality solutions in the world of fax machines. Their customer support is equally highly praised with all components being produced at their own headquarters. Never has the term customer support lived up to its promise in such a rigorous way.

The company is excellent in keeping up-to-date with changing business needs so look out for some innovative new technology soon.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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