“We take a look at a dependable franking machine with the capacity to cope with the demands of large-scale organisations.”

Another smart machine from Swiss company Frama, the Matrix F4 is a mid-volume machine that can do more than its little brother, the F2. It still possesses, however, easy-to-use technology such as the plug and play print cartridge and a keep-things-simple interface which displays only the information necessary at the time leading to less confusion on the user’s part. The tariff guide too is simple and actually slows down to let you read it better.

What’s really great about this piece of technology though is its ability to grow alongside your company. In other words, its capacity is such that should you need to add more departments or services in the future, it will be no problem at all for the machine. This flexibility more than makes up for the price of the F4.

Up to 50 individual cost centres

This is where the extra capacity for growing businesses comes in. Should your firm grow and you need to add more departments then the facility is there for up to 50 individual accounts. The F4 also keeps a record of what’s being spent so it’s great for tax purposes and budgeting too (in fact there’s a storage facility for up to 40 cost centres).

The popular one-touch programmable facility (with a storage capacity for up to 30 different options) is there too where you can set familiar tasks so that you only ever need to press a button. These can be arranged in order of favourites, priority, etc.

Handy label dispensing facility

If the mail you intend to send is more than 10mm thick, the F4’s labelling dispensing technology means you can carry on without having to reload. Simply press a button, print the address and affix to the envelope.

Feed control technology

This feed control facility is aimed at making sure you don’t get your marketing messages mixed up. By hand-feeding your mail, you ensure your promotions are always clear and the envelope heading to the client it was intended for. At other times the semi-automatic machine can frank 67 letters a minute, or around 1000 in 15 minutes. An interface for scales is available on the machine and rigged up with all Royal Mail rates.

Product Specifications

  • Speed: 4000 letter per hour
  • Semi-automatic feeder
  • 40 cost centres with clear-text designation (optional up to 250 cost centres)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 566 x 217 x 205mm
  • ComTouch (simple control panel displaying only what you need)
  • 30 programmable OneTouch functions make franking child’s play: all the postal products you need are at your fingertips
  • Tariff guide with quick access to other postal products makes fast work of the most complex mailing: only a few keystrokes are required
  • High quality 600dpi mode
  • 10mm thickness capacity
  • Direct franking of supplemental postal services, such as Special Delivery and registered mail with or without return receipt , by 1D barcode printing
  • 8 different advertising stamps, which can be designed any way you like
  • 3 standard advertising messages stored in the system
  • 3 different texts you can program yourself for printing out with your advertising stamp
  • 2 alternative cost-allocation timeframes (e.g. by days and weeks, or by weeks and months)
  • A variety of reports, including receipt printout for postage loadings, printing out of settings, pro-forma postage invoices and postage statements
  • Blocking of high franking amounts
  • Automatic date setting
  • Incoming mail stamp function with date
  • Interface for postage scales
  • Built-in modem


In all, the Matrix F4 is definitely a step up from the F2 but retains all the favoured features of the latter (such as the sharp 600dpi image resolution and tracking facility for invoices and expenses) as well as adding on a whole heap more of its own. This is a great machine for the business that has a vision of expanding its reach.

There are eight advertising or marketing stamps, three standard promotional messages and three which can be created by the company so you’re not even limited by one business!

Like the F2 and its big brother the F6 this machine is good looking, efficient and quiet—a small presence but a big performer.

The machine can be costly—although no more so than its competitors—but for those who don’t afford forking out all at once, lease options are available from suppliers.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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