“The daddy of franking machines, this expert system which appeared on the scene in 2009 is designed to make life easier for high volume mailers and does so neatly and efficiently.”

For companies who have a high volume postal rate on a daily basis (up to 6000 letters per hour), the Frama Matrix F6 is an excellent choice. A time-saving device, its simple navigation controls (the usual OneTouch technology screen and simple-to-follow instructions) together with a host of add-on features makes dealing with large amounts of mail just another routine task rather than a complex operation, so that even the most inexperienced member of staff could operate it without difficulty.

Quality print

Despite the volumes of mail it goes through this rather nice-looking machine never makes a fuss. Its high resolution printing and contrasting ability means you can still have quantity with quality while its reliability in adapting easily to letters of up to 10mm thickness makes it a sensible choice for most medium to large firms that are looking for ways to make the day-to-day running of an office go smoothly. To deal with mail over 10mm the F6 has both a built-in label dispenser and envelope sealer.

Discounts for bulk mailings

This machine’s special Cleanmail Advance system (renamed in April 2012 to Business Mail 1st Class) takes the stress out of having to calculate volume and bulk cost discounts. Instead a series of paperwork takes care of it (although this does involve sending off to Royal Mail). Like the old Cleanmail Advance system the new process discounts apply once again to bulk postings of more than 1000 items.

Convenient stacking

The clever CF6 Conveyor Stacker ensures the office remains tidy by organising the mail separately in neat piles. It’s attached easily onto the equipment and sits conveniently out of sight beneath the machine’s main workings. Doing away with manual feeding with the use of the automatic LongLifeRollers thus frees up staff to attend to other office tasks (Frama insist these require very little maintenance).

A few peculiar traits

The F6 has two idiosyncrasies of which unsuspecting users might get frustrated about. The first concerns the HP inkjet cartridges. These are microchipped which leads them to stop after a certain number of impressions have been made, regardless of whether or not there remains ink in the cartridge (this could be confusing). The second is with Royal Mail rates. Failure to update to the latest figures could result in the machine switching itself off (which could prove extremely inconvenient in the middle of preparing an urgent bulk order).

Product Specifications

  • Speed: 500 letters per hour
  • 50 cost centres with clear-text designation (optional up to 250 cost centres)
  • Optional accounts reporting package
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 820 x 217 x 205mm
  • ComTouch simple control panel displaying only what you need
  • 30 programmable OneTouch functions make franking easier
  • Tariff guide with quick access to other postal products makes fast work of the most complex mailings
  • High Quality 600dpi print mode
  • 10mm thickness capacity
  • Direct franking of supplemental postage services such as special delivery and registered mail with or without return receipt by 1D bar coding
  • 8 different advertising stamps which can be designed any way you like
  • 3 standard advertising messages saved in the system for general use
  • 3 different texts you can program yourself for printing out with your advertising stamp
  • 2 alternative cost-allocation timeframes (by days and weeks or by weeks and months)
  • A variety of reports including receipt printout for postage loadings, printing out settings, pro-forma postage invoices and postage statements
  • Automatic date setting
  • Incoming mail stamp function with date
  • Interface for postage scales
  • Built-in modem


The Matrix F6 is the largest and most sophisticated of the newest range of franking machines from Frama (its smaller brothers being the F2 and F4). These operating systems brought the running costs of the Frama machines up to par with their competitors (up until then this formerly Swiss company had enjoyed the reputation of producing some of the lowest cost franking machines around).


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