Frama UK have been established since 1990 and supply franking machines to companies of all sizes. Frama are well known for their high quality services and their customer support systems which have been long respected within the industry.

Frama was born in 1970 in the Netherlands and in 1980 they launched their F100 franking machine. The company grew fast during the 1990s and established themselves in not only the UK but also in Spain and South Africa. In 1998 Frama stormed ahead in the world of franking machines with the launch of the world’s fastest thermotransfer franking system, the Sensonic 2000.

Just two years later Frama again outdid the rivals with the launch of the launch of the world’s fastest inkjet franking system, Mailmax. Frama have established themselves firmly at the helm of innovation in office supplies and today they are a leading light in the supply and manufacture of franking machines.

Frama franking machines; a breakdown

Frama franking machines benefit from their patented touchscreen technology ComTouch and this is compatible with all types of franking needs. The touchscreen technology can be used to simplify the process of mail franking by reducing the number of key strikes necessary to programme the tariff and weight of any letters or parcels to be franked. Below are some of the most popular Frama franking machines.

  • The Matrix F2 can access all Royal Mail services quickly and takes care of all your franking needs
  • The Matrix F4 is excellent for keeping track of sent mail
  • The Eco Mail is an ecologically friendly solution for both small and large volumes of mail
  • The Matrix F6 a highly efficient franking system for professional use

Franking Machines

Frama Matrix F2 – perfect for use in smaller offices due to its compact size, this low-medium use machine offers 2 cost centres for easy allocation and accounting, in addition to a franking speed of around 21 letters per minute. Keep an eye on costs by printing useful reports and statements, and you can even choose a slogan or advertising message to be printed on each letter.

This machine costs approximately £2,000 to purchase outright and around £40 per month to hire.

Frama Matrix F4 – designed for medium to large sized businesses, with many people using the same machine, the Matrix F4 has 50 cost centres that offer invaluable support for inter-departmental budgeting and accounting. For mail thicker than 10mm the machine will dispense a separate label for ease of posting.

This model offers 30 keys and a ‘one-touch’ system that allows pre-programming of the most frequently used postage, saving time during subsequent use. High quality printing comes as standard with its 600dpi capability, and a fast 67 letters per minute offers a quick and efficient mailing system.

Rental costs are around £60 per month, and the price to buy is in the region of £3,000.

Mailmax 2 Speed – ideal for high volumes of mail, this robust and capable franking machine has a fully automated feeder and can deal with an incredible 10,000 letters per hour. Extra discounts on postage are available if you sign up for Business Mail, which is a bulk mail service from Royal Mail if you have a minimum posting of 500 items.

Departmental budgeting and accounting is simplified with the availability of 250 cost centres, which are all PIN protected and ensure secure access to this important information.

Frama make all of their own parts in their own headquarters which is a detail that makes the company stand out amongst competitors. In the last ten years the international demand for Frama’s products has doubled and so the company has doubled its output in order to keep up with this increased need.

Supplying businesses all over the world with franking machines requires dedication and understanding of changing business needs and this is what Frama excels at.

A franking machine from Frama is a great investment as the company invests time and energy in ensuring that their customers are happy with their purchases and that they are fully supported with regards to technical issues. Frama continue to grow as their customer base expands; Frama is a global company with expertise in all areas with regards to franking machines.


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