Franking machines can cost thousands of pounds but prices will of course vary depending upon various factors; the size of your business will directly affect your postage needs. Larger businesses which require a franking machine that can cope with sometimes huge amounts of post will need heavy-duty franking machines. If your business is very small then it stands to reason your postal requirements will be much smaller and therefore you will need a franking machine with much less complex abilities. There are multiple options with regards to brands and models of franking machines and looking at the size of your company and the possible growth of it, are both important factors to consider before deciding on how much to spend on your franking machine.

What options are there?

Small businesses often think that franking machines are beyond their budgets or that their postal needs are not sufficient to warrant the purchase of one. There are however a number of options which may be useful and beneficial to smaller businesses. A low output franking machine can start at as little as £450.00 to buy outright but there are also options for purchasing used and reconditioned franking machines.

Leasing franking machines

Leasing a franking machine is another excellent choice for smaller companies but larger outfits can also benefit from the packages which can come alongside a leased franking machine. Some leasing companies offer long-term technical support, servicing, delivery, re-sets and even regular upgrades if you choose to lease a franking machine. This is obviously beneficial as the day-to-day running of the franking machine is all there is to worry about and the support can be included as part of the leasing package.

It can cost as little as £20.00 per month to lease a low-output franking machine which might typically have the capabilities to cope with around 25 pieces of mail per day. This kind of deal can be perfect for micro-businesses such as those run from home or even smaller shops/service providers. It’s not only smaller business which can benefit from leasing franking machines though; larger businesses may find that having an outside organisation responsible for the servicing and general upkeep of their franking machines both time and cost effective. The deals which are available on leased franking machines can be an excellent choice for those who would like to benefit from the additional services which are often part and parcel of the lease, no matter what the size of the company.


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