Buying a franking machine can be confusing; there are many models on offer and the amount of choice is a little overwhelming if you are not sure of your needs. It can help to look at the main manufacturers of franking machines before making a choice.

There are many models of franking machine available to buy today but only a few well known brands. The most famous or at least the oldest manufacturer of franking machines for sale today is the Pitney Bowes company who have been established since 1920. Pitney Bowes is a well respected company who are known for providing an excellent machine. Pitney Bowes also provide support and advice for their customers.

Another well known manufacturer of franking machines is Neopost; this European brand is smaller than Pitney Bowes but offers a comprehensive choice and with prices starting at around £1000.00 their tariff is also similar. Two smaller companies are also well known in the UK and they are Frama and FP mailing.

Choosing a franking machine

All of the companies mentioned above offer a good range of franking machines, the two smaller companies have a less comprehensive range but are still worth studying. Online prices are usually up to date and if the manufacturer that you are interested in purchasing a franking machine does not provide prices, it is sensible to enquire. Most manufacturers are also happy to offer advice with regards to the models which they offer for sale. It is important to research all options when buying a franking machine.

When you choose your franking machine you will need to bear in mind how large or small your postal needs are. Smaller or low volume franking machines are a good choice for those businesses who wish to frank up to around 50 letters per day. Larger companies will obviously require a machine with higher capabilities. When you set out to buy a franking machine, bear in mind the following tips.

  • Calculate your average post sent per month.
  • Check how much your current method of postage is costing you and compare this to franking costs
  • Consider the extra costs involved in franking such as ink and envelopes

Buying a franking machine can be a great move for a business and once you get to grips with the way they work, they can save you much time and effort.

Reconditioned Franking Machines: A Cheaper Alternative?

Franking machines don’t need to cost the earth; there are many companies offering excellent reconditioned franking machines for sale and these can be the perfect choice for smaller businesses who don’t want to use a large portion of their budget on purchasing the latest model. Reconditioned ranking machines although very competitively priced, will still afford a business all of the same benefits that a new one will. Some of the benefits of a franking machine for your business are as follows.

  • Savings of up to 29% on your postal costs
  • Time saved
  • Your most frequent addressees can be recorded
  • Personalised franks act as free advertising
  • A more professional look to your correspondence

A reconditioned franking machine can be a good choice as far as ascertaining whether or not you would eventually like to upgrade and buy or ease a new model with more functions. A reconditioned franking machine is a cheap way to get the benefits without too much commitment.

Low Volume Franking Machines

A basic low volume franking machine is one of the cheapest you can buy. These are no frills, cheap franking machines with the capacity to cope with up to 50 letters or packets a day. If you do decide to buy a low volume, cheap franking machine then it is sensible to consider whether you will be posting a lot of parcels along with your letters. If this is the case, then a low volume franking machine with a built-in scale could be a good idea.

Built in scales can predict the exact cost of the postage for your parcel or packet and this can save your business money over time; this is because over-estimating postage cost is very common especially for small internet based businesses.

Even low volume or cheap franking machines can allow you to choose which postal option you need for your letter or package, first class or otherwise, a low volume franking machine will allow you to decide on the spot which option is the best.

A good quality, low volume franking machine can be bought outright for under £500.00 and a similar machine can be rented for around £20.00 per month. Renting a low volume franking machine can be a great option as there are often extras thrown in alongside your rental agreement. Extra ink cartridges and technical support are usually included in deals like this. So no matter how small your business there is a high probability that investing in a franking machine could save you both time and money.


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