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As you would expect, the cost of a franking machine can vary enormously depending on the make and model and the volume of mail it can process. Essentially if you buy a machine the costs can be anywhere between several hundred to several thousand pounds, which doesn’t include the cost of the actual postage.

The majority of machines are rented out with monthly rental prices running from as low as £14.95 a month to £400+ a month for a really high-end, high volume machine.

Types of Franking Machines

Generally, there are 3 types of franking machine – Low Volume, Medium Volume and High Volume which have been built and designed to process and frank different volumes of mail per day to suit various needs of the business community.

Cost of Renting a Franking Machine

A very basic franking machine will cost £15-£25 per month plus VAT to rent. If you want to add on complex feeding and automation systems, the cost rises to a possible £70 to £400+ per month. A more detailed breakdown:

Leasing/Renting Approximate Costs (excluding servicing, postage costs etc)

  • Low Volume: £20.00-£40.00 per month
  • Medium Volume: £40.00-£80.00 per month
  • High Volume: £85.00+ per month

It is possible to rent a machine for a year, but most companies will encourage you to take out a three year lease. Sometimes you will find yourself paying rental costs based on usage, that is to say the average monthly postage for the previous year.

However, rental rates will only go up, so if your usage rate falls don’t expect costs to fall accordingly. If you wish to rent a machine, the best option would be to obtain a number of quotes first.


Cost of Buying a Franking Machine

Franking machines can be really expensive to buy. For example, a new Pitney Bowes DM50 costs around £995, while a more advanced machine capable of processing 40 letters per minute with automatic rate updates, weighing platform and 10 programmable marketing slogans will cost about £3,000.

In terms of breakdown you can expect the following:

Businesses can expect to pay a one-off purchase price for new machines as follows:

  • Low Volume (up to 30 mailings a day) – £995-£3,000
  • Medium Volume (20-100 mailings per day) – £3,000 – £8,500
  • High Volume (100-1,000’s of mailings per hour) – £8,500 – £21,500+

For the heavy duty machines you might expect to pay around £15,000. Buying second-hand is probably not a good idea as it would take an expert to assess whether such machines are in good condition, and that is even before the nightmare involved in transferring the Royal Mail licence.

Most franking machines can be re-credited via a phone line but this can be expensive as some companies use premium rate lines. Lease or rental agreements can include ‘administration’ fees which are payable upfront with the initial rental.

Generally these fees can be between £75 and £150, but it is best to enquire so you know what to expect.

Recurring Costs to Bear in Mind

Finally before choosing a franking machine you should be aware of ink & label costs. For high-end machines these are negligible but for lower end models, which use ink-jet technology the ink cost per franked letter can add 1p or more to the price of a letter. To get a more accurate idea of the full costs of various models please click below.


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