Franking your mail is by far the cheapest way to send your post. From 1st class letters to weighty packages, you can save large amounts of money using franking machine discounts.

Issued by Royal Mail, discounts are given to everyone who uses a franking machine because it helps the post office with queue-time and also saves them time when dealing with bulk mail.

Currently, when you use a franking machine you can save 19p on every 2nd class letter you send and 16p on each 1st class letter. You can even save 24p every time you send a large 1st class letter.

Obviously, the more you send, the more you save. Even if you only sent 1 item of mail by 1st class a day all year you would still make a total saving of £40.32 on your postage and £47.88 if you sent that letter 2nd class.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

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