A British Limited Company founded in 1924, Neopost’s subsequent history is a catalogue of successful mergers and acquisitions which have seen the company achieve global success, second only to Pitney Bowes, and to become the leading manufacturer and distributor of post-room solutions – including franking machines – in Britain and Europe.

Neopost’s success can be at least partially attributed to the fact that it invests five per cent of its considerable revenue to the research and development of new technologies, with a team of four hundred research engineers dedicated to producing the next generation of post room hardware, software and infrastructure. Neopost is one of the six Royal Mail approved franking-machine manufacturers, and was awarded ‘Vendor of the Year’ status for two consecutive years in 2008 and 2009.

Neopost’s innovation in the field of franking machines ensures that businesses of all sizes, from the small office/home office (SoHo) to the largest multinational benefit from technology that saves time, reduces cost and improves efficiency. For example, Neopost’s latest small business franking machines, the Autostamp 2 and the IS-280 have received jointly the ‘Editor’s Choice Award’ from the influential Business Info magazine, which commented:

“The Business Info Editor’s Choice Award program exists to reward excellence in design, functionality and innovation, which helps our readers make informed purchasing decisions. In this instance a combination of functionality and innovation were the driving force behind the award and we congratulate Neopost on their success.”

Neopost’s entry-level machines are ideally suited to businesses that send out small daily volumes of post; typically up to fifty items per day. Small and convenient, the Autostamp 2 and the IS-280 are nonetheless feature-rich, with LAN connectivity, an inbuilt weighing platform to ensure the application of accurate postage, high quality digital printing and PIN protection.

With the focus upon ease-of-use, small business can begin saving money by franking their mail for an initial outlay of less than £1,000.

SME’s with larger daily outgoing post volumes are equally well catered for by Neopost’s mid-range franking machines. With purchase prices ranging from around £3,000 to £11,000, the IS-420, 440, 460 and 480 are specifically designed to offer the features and functionality that can simplify postal operations and significantly improve post-room performance.

These franking machines can process mail at speeds of up to 150 letters per minute, and can also process letters and packages of different sizes and weights in a single batch; dynamic weighing ensures that precisely the correct postage is applied to every item.

Neopost’s dedication to franking-machine efficiency is evident in other touches, such as virtually silent operation, automatic start up, automatic tape dispensing, the ability to apply a range of custom advertising images and slogans when franking mail and the provision for different user accounts to be created for different departments within a business.

Neopost has just introduced two brand-new state-of-the-art franking machines for businesses with the highest volumes of outgoing daily post. Designed to maximise return on investment, the IS-5000 and IS-6000 SMART franking machines are modular in nature allowing only the purchase of the modules that are required by your business.

Combining advanced technology with the most hardwearing components (for example, the print heads are guaranteed to last the entire lifetime of the franking machine), these high-volume franking machines can seal and frank up to 260 letters per minute, automatically fed from a stack up to seven inches deep which can be refilled as the machine is running.

The IS-5000 and 6000’s many comprehensive features are easily operated via a full colour touchscreen, and these machines benefit from all of the innovations found in their smaller counterparts.

All of Neopost’s franking machines can take advantage of ‘MyNeopost’ – a dedicated, secure online service which provides full accounting facilities allowing customers to analyse their postal expenditure in detail and to order postage credit for their franking machine.


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