A British company founded in 1924, Neopost has grown to become a leading supplier worldwide of technology designed to make business mail operations more efficient and cost effective.

Providing a range of franking machines to cater for all sizes of business and volumes of mail, Neopost can help businesses to reduce their business postage costs by around 30%. Neopost franking machines for small businesses are a worthwhile consideration because the savings in postage costs are immediate: there is no minimum volume restriction on sent mail and the price reduction in postal charges is made on a per-item basis.

A franking machine can also increase a small business’s efficiency by eliminating time spent travelling to the Post Office and queuing to buy stamps or making a last-minute dash for stamps to accommodate an unforeseen mailing requirement.

Neopost’s range of franking machines for small businesses

Neopost currently produces four franking machines aimed at small businesses with relatively low volumes of outgoing mail. These are:

The Autostamp2 franking machine

Ideal for the smallest business with a low daily volume of mail, Neopost’s AutoStamp2 is pre-loaded with all of the latest Royal Mail postal tariffs and also connects to a dedicated online service that automatically applies software updates and current pricing which, combined with the Autostamp2’s inbuilt scale that accurately weighs packages of up to two kilograms, ensures that you always pay the correct postage on every item of outgoing mail.

The Autostamp2 franking machine is easy to install and postage cost reductions are applied automatically. Taking advantage of Neopost’s neoFunds facility allows you to credit your franking machine as and when you need postage and pay for credit in arrears so unexpectedly running out of credit is never a problem.

The Autostamp2 provides a simple-to-use facility for adding customised messages to your franking thus enhancing your marketing strategy.

This entry-level franking machine allows the franking of a maximum fifty items per day and recently received the Editor’s Choice Award from BusinessInfo Magazine. The Neopost Autostamp2 franking machine costs £995.

The IS-280 franking machine

Catering for small-to-medium businesses with varying postal requirements including international mail Neopost’s IS-280 franking machine boasts high quality digital printing directly onto envelopes or packages up to 8mm thick, or onto self-adhesive postal labels.

The IS-280 retains all of the benefits of the Autostamp2 including automatic software and pricing updates, customiseable franking messages and a weighing platform that will accurately weigh packages of up to two kilograms but unlike that machine the IS-280 has a cycle speed of 1,200 items of mail per hour making it well suited to a business that regularly sends out higher volumes of post such marketing campaign mailshots. Neopost’s IS-280 franking machine costs £1,250.

The IS-330 Smart franking machine

Neopost’s IS-330 Smart franking machine is designed to be efficient, cost-effective and intuitive to make the running of an SME’s post room as hassle-free as possible. Capable of franking thirty letters per minute, the IS-330 Smart franking machine can handle a variety of envelope sizes, landscape or portrait presentation and packages up to 9.5mm thick.

Virtually silent in operation, the IS-330 automatically begins operating when an item is placed upon its weighing platform which, once again, will accurately weigh packages up to two kilograms in weight.

Optimised for user-efficiency, the IS-330 Smart franking machine comes with a host of features to guide users unfamiliar with the machine and to protect against accidental under or overfunding postage.

Neopost’s IS-330 Smart franking machine is also equipped with management features which enable usage and expenditure to be tracked, and the cost of the machine is £2,285

The IS-350 Smart franking machine

Neopost’s final offering for SMEs is the IS-350 Smart franking machine. This machine provides all of the benefits of its counterpart, the IS-330, but can handle the franking of forty letters per minute, features a weighing platform that can accurately weigh packages of up to three kilograms and features a range of management and accounting options to provide detailed records of usage and expenditure for up to one hundred different business departments.

The IS-350 Smart franking machine costs £3,115.


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