Neopost have been around since 1924 so it is safe to say they know a thing or two about franking machines. What is more, Neopost are one of just 24 companies in Britain supplying and manufacturing machines with the official approval of Royal Mail, and indeed they are just one of four firms actually producing the machines.

Not only that; Neopost are official partners with Royal Mail too so it is also safe to say you can be assured of quality when you purchase or lease a Neopost franking system.

You will have to act quickly however if you want to get your hands on a Neopost IJ25 because they are no longer being produced having been superseded by the latest IS range among others.

The IJ25 is though still available as “used” and even to rent/lease, which makes it an ideal entry level machine if you are a new business starting out or an established one looking to scale down in a search for greater efficiencies in these hard-knock times.

Features Of The Neopost IJ25

Designed for upcoming businesses with an increased reliance and demand for postal services, the IJ25 is compact, lightweight and easy to set up and use.

Exact Postage Metering

  • The number one feature is undoubtedly the exact postage metering. The integrated electronic scale accurately sets the machine to the correct postage thus eliminating the risk of over or under spending on postage. Everyday postal rates can be stored in the memory with the option to manually set other rates as and when they need updating to meet your business requirements.

Business-Like Image

  • With 8 pre-set message capability you get to customise your mail-outs for unbeatable advertising. Add your company name, logo, a special greeting or marketing slogan, you can even include a photograph.


  • Digital technology
  • Processes up to 20 envelopes per minute
  • Creates management reports
  • 2,500 impressions per inkjet cartridge
  • PIN-protected access
  • 3/8” envelope thickness
  • Mail volumes up to 50 per day
  • In-built Royal Mail service list for easy category access
  • Low noise


As mentioned, the IJ25 has been phased out but the machine is still available as “used” from around £500 from certain reputable suppliers with inkjet cartridges available from around £40.00 per cartridge.

Alternatively, you may be able to rent or lease an IJ25 for around £23.00 per month (plus VAT) with full support, maintenance and Royal Mail tariff updates included, or opt for a package around £30.00 per month which would include inkjet replacements. These deals are usually subject to a 12 month contract.

These are sample prices to buy or rent of the IJ25 at time of writing, but you will find a more extensive range of quotes by using the comparison tool on this webpage.


The Neopost IJ25 has been a popular model of franking machine for some years, and is still regarded as a reliable low-level machine for small business or sole trader use with significant mail-out needs.


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