“We take a look at this franking machine from Neopost and find out what makes it the ideal machine for medium to high volume users.”

Speed, efficiency, and simplicity are just three of the components that make the IJ65 the medium to high volume franking machine that could be the ideal solution your busy mailroom demands. Here are a few more things we like about it.

Described by Neopost as ‘advanced’, ‘versatile’ and offering ‘high performance,’ the IJ65 appears to live up to that billing on a number of fronts.

With the capability to process up to 135 letters a minute, the IJ65 can also undertake franking impressions on wider surfaces than some other machines, including the more difficult C4 portrait size.

The IJ65 can also automatically adjust to different envelope thicknesses and can print clearly on uneven surfaces, all of which could be a big attraction to businesses that require franking on tricky mailings.

Other Standout Specs

The IJ65 is renowned for being easy to use, jam-resistant and noiseless, and features a high-resolution graphic display, job memories, and customizable messaging for up to 10 advertising/marketing slogans and up to 10 greetings/messages.

On top of all of these features, the IJ65 also has an automatic envelope feed and can automatically seal envelopes while applying the exact postage with a one-touch activation. It can also be set up to control and allocate postal costs for up to 200 different accounts and up to 50 departments within your business.

This machine comes with online capability for maximum accounting and VAT-reclaiming purposes, which is ideal for analyzing and managing ongoing postal expenditures.

Neopost IJ65Product Specifications
Speed (Standard)Up to 135 letters per minute (lpm)
Speed (Dynamic Weighing)Up to 85 lpm
Envelope Min/Max Length140mm/324mm
Envelope Thicknessup to 16mm
Envelope OrientationPortrait or landscape
Label DispenserUp to 70
Job Memory10
DimensionsW:570mm H:250mm D:460mm
Dimensions with AutofeedW:840mm H:250mm D:460mm
Weight with Autofeed29.4kg
Weigh Platforms (Optional)3kg/5kg/10kg/30kg
Electronic Scales (Optional)3kg/5kg/10kg
Dynamic Scale (Optional)1kg
Conveyor Stacker (Optional)Yes

Approximate Costs

The IJ65 can be found for purchase at around £1,800, with a 5-year warranty (equivalent to 500,000 franked impressions).

Annual on-site service and support is usually free for the first 12 months, then roughly £400 + VAT a year thereafter. Inkjet cartridges retail at around £70 each with a reported print lifetime of around 50,000 impressions.

Some firms offer lease terms from around £250 a month plus VAT per quarter including full support and maintenance, usually tied to a 12-month contract.

LIf you’re lucky you can sometimes find the IJ65 available second-hand for around £950.


The Neopost IJ65 is by all accounts a reliable franking machine for businesses that require processing of a medium to high volume of outgoing mail, and comes packed with all the capability to complete rigorous franking every day.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

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