If you didn’t know it already, franking your office or company mail is so much more convenient than queuing for stamps at the post office and it is really easy to calculate the right postage.

The great advantage to using franking machine for applying postage to your letters, parcels, recorded or special deliveries, even international mail, is that it can all be handled from your desk.

Neopost are a leading supplier of mailroom solutions in the UK and around the world with a £827 million global turnover. Their customers include the Royal Veterinary College, Essex County Council, University of Surrey, Skipton Building Society and Thames Valley Police to name but a few.

The company has a direct presence in 19 countries worldwide employing 5,500 people, servicing 800,000 customers in 90 countries.

That’s quite a CV which makes Neopost number one in Europe and number two in the world for franking machines and other mailroom solutions.

Neopost IS240 Specifications

Designed for up and coming businesses, the IS240 (also known as the AutoStamp2) offers high quality digital printing, an integrated 2kg scale, PIN-protected access, and up to 10 customised slogans to give your business mailings that unique personal touch.


  • Franks 20 letters per minute
  • Up to 8mm envelope thickness
  • 50 mailing items a day

Ease of Use

It is the ease of use that many up and coming businesses enjoy about the IS240. The shortcut keys give quick and easy access to your most popular and frequently used settings. You also get easy-to-install, high speed LAN connection for quick and easy software downloads and updates on postal-rate changes.

Accurate Royal Mail Pricing

Calculating the correct postage for your mailings is made easy with the IS240 on-screen wizard and the pre-loaded Royal Mail UK inland postal rates, which gives you the exact price for all its services. There’s also no risk of under or over-stamping with the integrated 2kg digital weigh platform and its automatic correct postage setting.

Online Mail Management

myneopost is an online service which allows you to analyse your postage expenditure, order supplies and service.

Stylish Customisation

Not only will you save office time, save money on your postage but you can also enjoy free advertising with the IS240 customisation function that allows you to add a message to your outgoing mail, as well as your company name, special greeting or marketing slogan.


Most businesses subscribe to a rental/service deal with their franking machine supplier/maintainer over the course of a year. Prices vary of course depending on where you get your quote.

As far as the IS240 goes you can expect to sign up to a deal that should cost between £520-£710 annually.

This gets you:

  • All IS240 functions and features as listed above
  • Regular 12 month servicing
  • 3,000 franking impressions per ink cartridge
  • Ink cartridge use
  • Re-crediting


If you are a new business or a growing one, then utilising the IS240 for your postage needs could save you at least 16p on every 1st Class letter, 19p on every 2nd Class letter and up to £1.03p on a 2kg packet.

The other benefit to using Neopost is the neoFunds account which allows you to download postage when you need it and pay in arrears. Hence no more estimating the amount of money you need at the start of the month, only to run out unexpectedly. neoFunds can significantly improve your company’s cash flow and increase efficiency.

If you are still unsure whether the Neopost IS240 is for you, then it may be worth considering that Neopost has been business partners with Royal Mail for many years. Neopost are a Royal Mail approved manufacturer, supplier and maintainer of franking machines enabling those customers to access Royal Mail products and services.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

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