“Combining mailing and promotions is easy with the Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000, thanks to its top-quality colour graphics and suite of useful apps. It is truly the only franking machine you’ll ever need.”

The Pitney Bowes Connect+ 1000 comes with an exclusive suite of applications that are designed to help your mailing tasks a lot easier. It copes with around 75 items of mail every day and 30 envelopes a minute. Integrated weighing scales (5 kg) come as standard and its IntelliLink software will even find the cheapest costs for shipping parcels and general postal discounts, so you don’t have to!


The Connect+ 1000’s full colour printing makes it possible to display rather complicated and targeted marketing messages on envelopes, making it easier to attract potential customers. With this, Pitney Bowed aims to help you turn monthly postabe bills into revenue-generating opportunities. The special messages and graphics (up to 1200 dpi) don’t take long to print and also result in savings on the cost and storage of pre-printed envelopes.

Touch screen

Choose from either an easy to view and simple menu on the 10” display screen or opt for a larger 15” version to make not just touch but sight easier too.


This is a priority with this machine which can process and stack as much as 7000 envelopes an hour, and in pre-sorted order! This not only keeps the office neat and tidy but saves hours in staff time which can be better utilised elsewhere.


With the Connect+1000, you can monitor what each company department is spending on postage by means of electronic or paper records, so you can budget accordingly. It’s also possible to manage accounts online via a statements archive available to users with security PIN codes.

Application Suite

Requesting a service update or contacting the manufacturers has never been easier, thanks to an online chat facility on the Connect1000. Supplies can also be ordered via the screen while a host of apps keep the user up to date with recent trends and news. It can also ship and track individual parcels as well as locate specific addresses and post codes.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions with drop stacker – L 1257mm, W 635mm
  • Power stacker adds 483mm to the length
  • Colour adds 185mm to the length
  • Weight: 27.7kg
  • Processing speed of up to 180 letters per minute non WoW (WoW stands for Weigh on the Way – a feature that automatically measure the dimensions and weight of your mail as it goes through the machine
  • Colour touch screen interface – 10.2″ standard with optional 15″ screen
  • Media size: min 89 x 127mm; max 254 x 356mm
  • Envelope flap depth: 25 to 98mm for sealing
  • Envelope pack max thickness: up to 16mm


Companies can receive special discounts available only to users of the powerful Pitney Bowes Connect+ series of franking machines. The Connect+ 1000 is definitely ideal for larger companies which many individual departments and a separate accountancy function.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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