“All the features of the flexible Connect +1000 with that little bit more—that’s the Connect 2000 and the new Pitney Bowes unique ‘Dimensions on the Way’ (D-O-W) rating technology.”

One of the more advanced of the current fold, the Connect Plus 2000 can handle more than 500 letters a day and boasts the same excellent colour print technology (1200 dpi) which results in sharp and professional looking logos and marketing messages for individualised mail and pre-stamped envelopes. It’s the first machine to offer full printing across the whole of the envelope. You just need to upload your own artwork or logo and within minutes it will be available for printing on envelopes. Meanwhile, a study compiled in 2010 by Leflein Associates showed that mail with professional colour promotional messages were 2.5 times more likely to be opened than plain envelopes. The power stacker can deal with an impressive 7000 envelopes an hour and still keep them in pre-sorted order.

Dimensions on the Way (D-o-W) technology

Software unique to the Connect 2000 allows the franking machine to automatically judge the size and weight of parcels and cost them accordingly. It instantly weighs and measures the dimensions of the letter as it goes through the machine. A weighing platform of 5kg is integral but there is also the option to upgrade to larger platforms of up to 35kg.

Monitoring expenditure

You can scrutinise each account in terms of postage, weight and marketing via the budgeting module then adjust accordingly to keep an eye on expenditure. You can also check trends in posting for future savings by switching on the Connect 2000’s INVIEW reporting module.

Remote technology and large capacity

It’s easy to update your Connect+ 2000 remotely either via a computer connection or even through an analogue telephone.

Not only can this franking machine handle large volumes, it can also deal with oversized letters up to 16mm thick. Larger items or parcels can be labelled.

Smart Technology

The Connect+ 2000 is capable of calculating not just national rates, but also the more complicated international ones. It also has the capacity to work out and frank VAT services.

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The Connect+ 2000 is near the top of the range of the Connect Series (although there’s still another one to go). This has all the advantages of its younger brother but with a greater capacity and the unique D-o-W facility means it can save the operator even more time with its instantaneous calculations. Despite its advanced technology, it’s still easy enough for even the inexperienced operator to use without any difficulties.


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