You can’t beat a good recommendation, so if you are a burgeoning business on the look-out for the best franking machine to sort your post then you might want to take a peek at Pitney Bowes.

With the likes of Reading Borough Council, high street banking chain Santander, land management firm Geenbelt and Coventry Council on its list of high-profile clients using their products, it’s a fair bet you can be sure a Pitney Bowes franker won’t let you down.

Take Coventry Council for example. They have 2.5 million pieces of mail to process annually with a postal budget of £570k. Efficiency is therefore critical if it is to successfully and accurately dispense its council tax bills, housing benefit letters, and general communications with residents and businesses.

Key Features of the Pitney Bowes DM100

Designed with flexibility in mind, the DM100 is the “ultimate answer to the mailing needs of busy businesses” and “perfect office companion” with latest digital technology making the processing of mail quiet and efficient.

Correct Value Postage

Every letter, every time. The DM100 has a 2.5kg integral weigh platform that guarantees each letter or package bears the correct postal value.

Future-Proof Mailing

The in-built IntelliLink connects the DM100 to a secure Internet server to enable services such as Royal Mail tariff changes, software updates, and envelope messaging to be downloaded quickly and effortlessly.

Fast Accurate Postage Re-Crediting

The simple one-touch refill system available through Postage by Phone allows you hassle-free top up your postage credit quickly and securely 24 hours a day. You can also receive up to 55 days free credit with PurchasePower, a post-now/pay-later facility.


Using the DM100, you can upload your business envelope message to the Pitney Bowes website and enjoy transforming your outgoing mail into eye-catching branded mail pieces for virtual and free advertising and marketing.
Performance Analysis

  • Up to 30 letters a minute
  • Minimum material size 76mm x 127mm
  • Maximum material size 330mm x 381mm
  • Max 9.5mm thickness
  • Auto-dating
  • Low postage warning
  • Original value re-setting
  • Low ink warning
  • Password security
  • PC interface
  • 5 job presets


Most businesses subscribe to a rental/service deal with their franking machine supplier/maintainer over the course of a year. Prices vary of course depending on where you get your quote.

As far as the DM100 goes you can expect to sign up to a deal that should cost between £550-£700 annually. This gets you:

  • All DM100 functions and features as listed above
  • Regular 12 month servicing
  • 5,000 franking impressions per ink cartridge
  • Ink cartridge use
  • Re-crediting


Described as a “$5.6 billion company” employing some 33,000 people worldwide, Pitney Bowes is currently celebrating 90 years in business. It is a proud record and one that looks set to continue.

Pitney Bowes only has one stated goal – to help their customers “achieve their goals”. If saving money and office time with your postal commitments is one yours then using the DM100 could be a good place to start.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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