“A modern-day machine for today’s 24-hour business culture, the Pitney Bowes DM200i can help your company stay on top of your costs. Find out more about his machine in this review.”

A bit more sophisticated than the smaller Pitney Bowes models, the DM200i is a medium-range machine which can be accessed remotely via a USB PC connection or analogue phone line. It also has the capability to print a return address on every piece of mail sent out. It comes with a standard 5kg integrated weighing platform and IntelliLink technology to ensure it will always have instant access to the latest postal updates via the web.

Print and weighing capability

The DM200i can feed through 40 letters a minute (up to a maximum of 200 per day). It will deal with envelopes of up to 9.5mm thickness and parcels weighing a maximum of 5kg (via its integrated scales). This machine automatically calculates the weight and size of parcels by comparing them to previous items. It also carries double tape sheets for parcels and items which are over the standard thickness size it’s designed to cope with.

Promotional assets

Access to various logos and other branding material via the web is done through software built into the machine while the inkjet printing’s excellent quality gives a very professional appearance. The DM200i can store up to 20 different company promotional adverts to use when carrying out particular campaigns.

An activity report for every department

Activity reports for up to 100 different departments or clients are available due to special security (PIN) protected accounts for authorised-only access.

Low water alarm

This concerns the envelope sealing mechanism. The alarm alerts the user when the machine is running low on water and due for a refill to keep it working efficiently and prevent overheating.

Pitney Bowes DM200iProduct Specificatons
Speed40 letter per minute
Envelope SizeDL, C5 and C4
Feed MethodSemi-automatic feeding and ejecting
DimensionsH:375mm W:345mm D:400mm
Max Envelope Thickness9.5mm
Label DispenserNo
Job MemoriesYes


Like the other franking machines in the Pitney Bowes fold, the DM200i comes with many standard features. Additional features include the automatic updating of the date stamp to ensure late mail is directed to the following day’s postal delivery and not rejected by Royal Mail. This Smart technology also allows the user to frank VAT-able services, thereby saving time on paperwork and calculations. The return address printed on every envelope allows companies to reassess their database and therefore not waste postage on undeliverable mail. The one-touch postage refill also comes as standard on this machine— another valuable time saver for small and medium sized companies.


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