“Find out what our reviewer has to say about the DM300c, a mid-volume franking machine from the well-known manufacturer Pitney Bowes.”

With the capacity to process around 65 letters a minute, the Pitney Bowes DM300c is excellent for businesses with a mid-volume postal run every day and who can take advantage of discounts from special services.

Time saving

The one-button instant postal credit facility on the DM300c means there’s no waiting around for credit to be refunded. Your mail gets sent as normal instead. Postal rates are automatically updated, saving time on having to recalculate manually. This machine can also both seal and frank mail simultaneously. Larger mail too can benefit from automatic sealing through the use of adhesive tape. You can also program your regular mailing jobs into the machine so it doesn’t have to work out how much each one costs every time.

Cost saving

Pitney Bowes estimates that with the DM300c, you will make an average saving of around 30 per cent on special mail services such as Recorded Delivery, Special Delivery and International Mail in addition to normal discounts on first and second class mail. If you send out more than 1000 letters on a monthly basis you can access further discounts via CleanMail.

Interfaced weighing platforms

A weighing platform of 5kg comes as standard with the DM300c but businesses with heavier packages to post have the option of purchasing additional platforms of nine, twelve or thirty kgs. The DM300c can also cope with packages of different weights at the same time and comes with an automatic tape dispenser for bulkier items.

Itemised accounts

This machine can cope with individualised costing for up to 100 departments or clients, with invoices printed separately or sent to a separate computer file for accounts.

Pitney Bowes DM300cProduct Specifications
Speed65 letters per minute
Envelope SizeDL, C5 and C4
Feed MethodSemi-automatic feeding and ejecting
DimensionsH:345mm W:370mm D:435mm
Max Envelope Thickness9.5mm
Label DispenserYes
Job Memories10


The DM300c can make savings for companies who deal with a fair amount of mail on a daily or weekly basis. Its easy handling and time-efficient facilities means it also leads to savings in terms of staff hours. The machine itself can be costly but leasing options are available (five years are standard). Other savings include the low-power sleep mode, which means the printing facility itself cools down and lasts for longer. It comes with the same excellent inkjet printing ability of all the Pitney Bowes DM models, including the return address stamp which allows companies to update their databases and therefore cut down on postage costs for continually undelivered mail.


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