The DM50 is a franking machine manufactured by Pitney Bowes, a global company that have been in existence since 1901 and is widely considered to be a market leader. The DM50 is a low volume model which can process 30 pieces of post per day at a rate of 20 letters per minute.

It is sleek and compact and is fairly attractive. It has an integrated weighing platform that can take items up to 2.5kg and a digital display unit. The machine can add marketing slogans to posted items, with 5 pre-loaded slogans available, and has a 4-PIN security system in order to ensure that only authorised employees can use it. It is certainly basic, but nevertheless is more than capable of adding a professional touch to posted items.


The cost price of a DM50 is around £1,050 but it can be rented for £7 per week on the basis of a 5 year agreement. Pitney Bowes offer a 30-day free trial as standard based on a special online price of £19.95 plus VAT per month. An extended warranty is available for an extra £1 per week. There is no after sales service available for this machine but the warranty can be extended for an extra £25. Ink cartridges cost less than £15 and are therefore fairly cheap and a box of franking labels will cost you about £16.99. The machine can also be recredited via your phone line in increments of £1 from £10 to £500.

The DM50 seems to have been fairly well received by most businesses, although some complain that its scope of 30 items per day is too limited. Some companies have also commented that finding someone to repair the machine when it goes wrong can be fairly difficult. However, it is probably a good machine for new business who want something reliable and which is fairly cheap.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

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