“This entry-level machine with its auto date advance feature is ideal for a small businesses. It is quite an achiever for its size and cost.”

For small businesses, any cost saving adds up and this is where the DM55 comes into its own. Not only does this franking machine give a professional impression on mail but it also cuts back on postage costs (users receive Royal Mail discounts) and time-consuming trips to the post office for stamps. Pitney Bowes claim that using the DM55 could result in a 20 per cent reduction on postage costs.

Simple to use

The DM55 calculates postage so there’s no having to look up postal costs manually. It will also automatically update its calculations when Royal Mail rates alter. Not only that but an integrated Smart Meter means you can even frank VAT-able services. This makes it possible for you to get a VAT refund at the end of the accounting year by producing an invoice to the HMRC. You can also purchase additional credit for the machine via a telephone call. It’s possible too to calculate overseas postage simply by pressing a button. Other handy features include a date and time stamp so that incoming mail can be recorded accurately (which is especially good for tender documents) and a facility which calculates the individual postal costs of up to ten separate departments within the firm.

Free publicity

Not only do you get to put your company logo on every letter or parcel through franking, but you can actually use your franking machine to link in with any ongoing promotions by altering the wording on the stamp. This is a lot cheaper than hiring a public relations firm! This is much more personal than a standard text and messages can be specific to a particular company. The use of a franking machine rather than a stamp also provides a more professional image for any business.

Weight4kg with integrated scale
Electrical220-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.25A


This little machine, which carries the leading Pitney Bowes guarantee, can print 18 letters a minute and is one of the company’s least expensive models to buy or lease. One drawback is the lack of an automatic label dispenser as feeding letters manually can take up quite a bit of time. A handy PIN code system means it’s possible to restrict the number of users and in doing so keep an eye on costs. The Smart Meter is a further saving on VAT which not all franking machines can boast of. It’s also possible to update the DM55 remotely using either a USB drive on your PC or by using an analogue phone.


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