“Look no further if you’re looking for a high-quality franking machine from a reputable, reliable company, Pitney Bowes is a brand that’s hard to beat.”

With 110 years of experience behind them, US company Pitney Bowes is the world’s foremost supplier of integrated mail and document management technology and services. More than two million customers in one hundred companies benefit from Pitney Bowes’ research and development of new post room technology designed with the single aim of introducing greater automation, accuracy, efficiency and cost effectiveness to the tasks of mail and document handling.

Pitney Bowes manufactures franking machines that are perfectly suited to every kind of business from the small office home office (SOHO) which may only send out a few letters per day to the multinational corporation which may send thousands. Pitney Bowes franking machines for small businesses are designed to provide the perfect balance of functionality, ease-of-use and affordability whilst creating a professional look and feel to items posted out.

Pitney Bowes franking machine ranges for small businesses

The DM 50 and DM 55

Ideally suited to the SOHO user these two franking machines are identical in outward appearance. Compact and functional, these entry-level franking machines feature and integrated scale which will way letters and packages up to 2.5 kilograms in weight, the ability to print customised messages and logos onto outgoing mail, automatic date advancement and password protection to safeguard against unauthorised use.

Both the DM50 and DM55 are capable of processing up to eighteen letters per minute, but the DM50 is limited to a maximum of twenty letters per day whilst the DM55 will frank up to fifty letter per day.

The list price for Pitney Bowes DM50 franking machine is £1,050 whilst the DM55 costs £1,315.

The DM100i and DM 150i

Small businesses that send out a greater volume of post each day will benefit from either Pitney Bowes DM100i or DM150i franking machines.

Both of these machines feature a clear and intuitive control panel making them easy to use, and connect to Pitney Bowes’ ‘Intellilink’ secure online system to allow the download of updated postal tariffs, software updates and advertising slogans. Both the DM100i and the DM 150i franking machines possess an integrated scale to ensure that the correct postage is applied on packages of up to 2.5 kilograms, and both feature a low-ink and low-credit warning system.

Semi-automatic feeding systems ensure that both machines can handle mixed mail types, and an automatic tape dispenser for sealing packages up to 9.5mm in width.

The DM 100i can process up to thirty letters per minute and costs £2,025.

The DM150i can process up to forty letters per minute and can additionally seal envelopes automatically, provides twenty-five separate user accounts and can store up to twenty different advertising slogans.

The DM 150i costs £2,725.

The DM 200i and DM 300c

Aimed at SME’s that send out a variety of letters and packages in significant volumes on a daily basis the DM 200i and DM 300c are designed to maximise business productivity. Both feature an integrated scale that can accurately weigh items of up to 5 kilograms, and differentiated weighing means that items of different weight can be fed through in one batch and each will be assigned the correct postage according to its weight.

Both of these franking machines benefit from all of the features of the DM100i and DM 150i, and both can automatically seal envelopes and parcels and both have the facility to stack franked mail.

The DM 200i can maintain 100 separate internal accounts, has a processing speed of up to forty items per minute and costs £3,405.

The DM 300c has a processing speed of up to sixty-five items per minute and costs £4,375.

Connect+1000 and Connect+2000, DM400c to DM475

For companies who need a capacity of franking up to 500 letters or parcels a day, all of the above franking machines easily fit the bill. These machines also allow companies to download and print top quality printed logos, slogans and other promotional material onto envelopes without interfering with the speed of print runs.

They also have an inbuilt capacity to alter slogans, etc., within minutes for different departments or messages. Mixed size weight is processed without altering the machine’s settings as the machine itself calculates the correct postage simultaneously as the package passes through resulting in volumes of up to 7,800 letters per hour.

Connect+2000 and Connect+3000

These are the big players in the Pitney Bowes range and come with a suite of applications. This includes a number of apps containing, for instance, news and offers from the company itself and a parcel shipping and tracking facility. They can also print marketing messages in full colours.


Pitney Bowes is a company with an excellent reputation, particularly when it comes to after-sales service. The main consideration to make when deciding which of its franking machines to choose is the amount of mail your company will be producing on a daily or weekly basis. Whichever machine you decide to get, you’ll always be guaranteed a huge saving on postage costs and time.


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