The DM500 is more accurately described as a ‘digital mailing system’ since it is a highly efficient, high volume, cutting-edge machine with a multitude of integrated services and functions. It can be connected to the Internet which enables easy re-crediting, upgrading of software and speedy and efficient delivery of other services such as postal tariff changes and advertising slogans. There are a range of highly accurate weighing platforms which can be added to the machine which assists with the correct calculation of postage and platforms capable of dealing with parcels up to 35 kg can also be added for heavier items. The machine also has a differential weighing technology built into it which means that a mixture of parcels and mixed weight mail can be dealt with in one batch, thus saving lots of time.

The DM500 is also very user friendly with a QWERTY keypad and a PC-quality display. The keypad can be swivelled so that it can be seen from all angles. Streamlined processing also means that it is very fast and efficient, capable of processing 135 envelopes per minute. It has a streamlined roller processing system which ensures that items aren’t trapped or crushed and are fed straight through the machine without jamming. There is a memory function that allows up to 10 preset routine jobs to be memorised. It has a low postage warning system, a low ink indicator, original value resetting and a water level indicator. At a given preset adjustment time an auto dating system adjusts the date to the next day.

The DM500 can be leased or purchased outright but its price will vary considerably between suppliers depending on its age, condition and the number of prints previously carried out. It costs around £8,000 new but you could possibly find a used machine for about £250 from a private source. Obtaining a used machine from an authorized dealer such as Pitney Bowes will cost a little more but it is worth considering as this will ensure that the proper level of maintenance has been carried out and you will be able to get an idea of the history of the machine. Original ink cartridges cost about £99 and have around 11,100 impressions.

Regular maintenance and servicing is absolutely essential with this machine in order to ensure a long life. The maintenance must be carried out by properly qualified Pitney Bowes service engineers who will have all the latest updated manuals, spare parts and training.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

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