If you have just entered the world of small business and are wondering how you might be able to save money with your postage, then you will be pleased to know Royal Mail offer an outstanding array of discounts on its various postal services.

Basically, using the postage meter facility that comes with a franking machine will save you heaps of money each year on your postage costs.

Franking your outgoing letters and packages rather than applying traditional adhesive stamps can save you literally hundreds of pounds a year because in effect you are helping Royal Mail keep its own running costs down by not swamping post offices with sacks full of your post or spending hours holding up the queue as you weigh and put stamps on your correspondence, invoices and mail-shots.

So to reward businesses for not visiting the post office Royal Mail have introduced some amazing metering rates.

As of March 31st, 2014

One 1st Class stamp now costs 62p and a 2nd Class one costs 53p. However, when you use a franking machine and the metering system Royal Mail only charges you 50p for 1st Class and 37p for 2nd Class.

This represents a 12p and 16p discount (respectively), and with small parcels it gets even better with a saving of 30p per item to be enjoyed. In fact the heavier the item, the more you save.

Further Discounts On Postage

By using the postage metering system that comes with your franking machine your business can enjoy all sorts of added cost-saving benefits through business ‘Rate Cards’ under the categories:

  • Business Mail 1st Class
  • Business Mail

There are various discounted services available this way depending on:

  • The volume of your mail
  • How your letters are addressed (using OCR or Barcode)
  • Whether you are presenting mail sorted or unsorted
  • Your mail items weigh no more than 750g
  • All your items meet the letter and large letter format dimensions

These metering rates used to fall under the headings Cleanmail, Cleanmail Advance, Mailsort 70, Mailsort 120 and 700, and Mailsort 1400, as well as Sustainable Mail, and Walksort but have now been amalgamated under the Business Mail 1st Class and Business Mail sections.

The Advantages of Postage Metering

Apart from enjoying some fantastic savings on your business mail-outs, using a postage meter also saves time and efficiency in the office administration and accounts department.

Not only does a franking machine save staff time in getting your important correspondence and invoices out to your customers, the metering system helps keep all your postal accounts under close and accurate scrutiny.

In the accounts department, your end of year tax return can be more efficiently and accurately calculated thanks to the postage meter, and you can also claim VAT back on some mail outgoing (especially if you use a SMART-technology franking machine).


In these tough economic times, small businesses with a heavy reliance on the postal system that don’t utilise postage metering and a franking machine will be sorely missing out on valuable cost-cutting measures that could help them not only survive, but grow and more importantly prosper.

Let’s be frank, there is no better way for your business to leave its mark on the world.


Author - Nigel Vaughan

Nigel has over 10 years experience in digital marketing, and loves tech and all kinds of electronics. A keen cyclist and cycle-tourist, he has cycled through 25 countries worldwide.

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